Bellini and Bruschetta

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Bellini and Bruschetta, a set on Flickr.

Summer is approaching, and last weekend we had a very warm evening, perfect for sitting on the terrace. Bruschetta and Bellini seemed perfect to celebrate the arrival of summer. I decided to make the classic tomato Bruschetta, and came up with the Feta-honey-black olives combination spontaneously.

Ideally, you should first prepare the Bruschetta, for the Bellini should be made just before serving it.

For two people you need:


Bruschetta in varieties of tomato and black olives with Feta cheese and honey by the real Caffeamore

  • Half a Baguette (I like the Crusta Baguette, a medium dark one, not one with white flour).
  • two tomatoes
  • about ten basil leaves
  • some olive oil
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 10gr of Feta cheese
  • 20 black olives
  • 4 tsp of honey

Cut the Baguette into slices and put them on a baking tray. Put them in the oven at 180°C for ten minutes. In the meantime, cut 10gr of Feta cheese into slim slices and cut about 20 black olives into very small pieces. You also need about 4 tsp of honey for the Olive Bruschetta. For the ToBellini by the real Caffeamoremato Bruschetta, cut two tomatoes into small cubes and cut a bit of basil to add on top.Once the bread is toasted, remove it from the oven. For the olive Bruschetta, start by adding one layer of Feta to a slice of bread, then add a bit of honey and finish by adding the olives. For the tomato Bruschetta, add Tomato cubes and basil, and add salt and pepper. Now you can prepare the Bellini.

Bellini is the official drink of Venice, and those of you who’ ve ever been there might agree that the city is glamorous and majestic. Just like the drink. It is made with prosecco and peach puree. For two glasses, half a peach suffices. Puree it with a mixer and add 2cl of white peach. Then set up two flutes (Champagne glasses), add 2 spoons of the puree each and then add the Prosecco. We used Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, which is good quality.


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Scampi alla Veneziana

The following recipe is measured for two people.

Gamberi alla Veneziana con taglierini by the real Caffeamore

prep time: 10 mins. cooking time: 15 mins.

For Scampi alla Veneziana you need the following:

  • 6 Scampi (prawns)
  • 2 – 3 cloves of garlic
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 2 spoons of tomato puree
  • 1 small can of pomodori pelati (400g)
  • 2-3 cl of white wine
  • 300ml of cream
  • italian herbs: origan, thyme, basil, parsley, rosemary
  • olive oil extra vergine
  • salt & pepper

To accompany theprawns in tomato sauce by the real Caffeamore scampi, I suggest you pick a form of pasta you like. We decided to go with Taglierini (a slim form of Tagliatelle) and were happy with our choice. Take about 300g for 2 people.

Prepare the Scampi as follows:

Cut the garlic into small slices, release the juice of half a lemon.

Put the Scampi on a plate and put lemon juice and garlic on them.

Prepare a pan, put it on the stove on medium heat, and add some olive oil. Then add the rest of the garlic, and after a minute the pelati, tomato puree, herbs, salt and pepper. Let it cook for 5 minutes.

Set up the hot water for the pasta, add some salt and a little olive oil and add the pasta.

Add the prawns to the tomato sauce, and add the white wine. After about five minutes, when the prawns are well done (first they are blue-ish, when they are done they turn a light shade of rose), add the cream. After a minute, remove the sauce from the stove. When the pasta is ready, take it out and serve it with the tomato-prawns sauce.

White wine tastes delicious with Scampi alla Veneziana.

In Italy, this would be served as a Primo Piatto, followed by a Secondo (regularly meat or fish, but there are also some vegetarian Secondi, for example the Parmigiana di Melanzane. We will feature it here in due course, check back soon).

Gamberi alla Veneziana con taglierini by the real Caffeamore

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Red Thai Curry with carrots, sugar peas, zucchini and Tofu

For the red thai curry you need:

  • 1-2 spoons of red thai curry paste (depending on how spicy you like it)
  • 500 ml of coconut milk
  • 500 ml of bouillon
  • 1 spring oignon
  • 100 g of sugar peas
  • 3 medium carrots
  • 1 medium zucchini or aubergine, whichever you prefer. (remember: salt the aubergine first to remove its bitter taste)
  • 3 small patatoes
  • 200 g Tofu
  • thai basil and/or parsley
  • soy sauce and sunflower oil

appetizer: salad with homemade dressing and thai spring rolls by the real Caffeamore

Traditionally, Thai curry is accompanied by rice; dal (an indian lentils dish) is also very traditional to accompany a curry. We had basmati rice with it. Set up the rice and/or lentils first, then proceed to the Curry.

Dress the Curry as follows:

Cut the Tofu into little squares, pour a little soy sauce over it. Heat up a pan and put some sunflower oil into it, then add the tofu. Roast it gently for about 3 minutes, then but it into a bowl. Cut all the vegetables into little pieces.

Add a bit of oil to the pan and then add the spring oignons. After they’ re roasted, add the patatoes and the carrots. After about ten minutes, add the curry paste and let it roast. Then add the bouillon and the rest of the vegetables. After another five minutes, add the tofu and the parsley or thai basil. Cook until the vegetables are almost even, then add thred thai curry with Tofu by the real Caffeamoree coconut milk and let it stew for about five minutes. Enjoy!

As an appetizer you can have spring rolls, dim sum or a soup. We had a salad and spring rolls as a blend between the eastern dish and our western culture:-)

Tell us what you thought of the recipe. Any suggestions? Please comment below!

Welcome to Mangiare, Amore!

Dear visitors of this blog, welcome!

Homemade Sushi by the real CaffeamoreWe are two people who like to cook, and teaching each other the recipes. We figured, since we want to keep the recipes and write them down so we can remember them, we might as well share them with all the food lovers out there that are interested in tasty dishes that are simple to cook, don’ t take a lot of time away and bring some change. We are from Switzerland, and our dishes are inspired by some of the traditional swiss dishes as well as those from the countries surrounding Switzerland, namely and mainly France and Italy. Who knows, we might also stray to farther countries for inspirations, for instance Japan, India, Thailand..there are no limits:-)

(want to know how we made the sushi and what exactly we put in there? come back soon to find out!)

Polenta with Ratatouille for a movie night matching the dish:-)

To start off our blog, we want to share a little anecdote about how we ended up cooking this particular dish: We decided to have a movie night at home and cooking Polenta with Ratatouille by the real Caffeamoreto watch Disney/Pixar’ s “Ratatouille”. Once this was settled, it was almost mandatory for us to cook Ratatouille, that tasty dish consisting of a mixture of mediterranean vegetables. To accompany the Ratatouille, there are a lot of options, but I like Polenta best. I think the two dishes compliment each other well. For those of you who don’ t know what Polenta is, let me try to explain: it is made of dried, ground corn and cooked like grains, for instance rice. I know trying something you’re not familiar with can be kind of a hurdle, but in this case it really IS worth it! So, here’ s what you need for Polenta with Ratatouille (for 2 people):

Polenta: 125 grams, 0.9 l water (depends on what kind of polenta you use. We recommend using a bit more water than indicated)


  • 1 oignon
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 aubergine
  • 1 sweet pepper (red or yellow)
  • 3 fresh tomatoes (pelati) or a can of pomodori pelati (800g)

Mind the description of the polenta for how much water you need. For the medium grain polenta we chose (it’ s with herbs, from Globus) we are advised to use 0.75l of water. I recommend to take a little more, so the polenta is viscid. WPolenta with Ratatouille by the real Caffeamoree used 0.9l, which turned out perfect. Heat up the water until it boils. Cut the aubergine into slices and put salt on each slice. After 2 minutes, the Aubergine will have released some of its water (and bitterness). Remove the water with a tissue and repeat the procedure on the other side. then cut the aubergine into cubes. Cut the other vegetables into cubes as well (except oignons). Cut the oignon into small pieces.

Put olive oil into a pot with a volume of at least 1.5l. After a minute, add the oignons. When they are glassy, add the other vegetables, tomatoes last. Cook on medium heat.

Add the polenta to the water after it has reached boiling point. Stir at least every minute for 20 mins. If you like, you can add some parmigiano or even Gorgonzola to the Polenta. A glass of red wine, for instance Chianti, is suitable for this meal. Enjoy!

What did you think? Do you have any suggestions as to how to improve this recipe? Please comment below.

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