Polenta with Ratatouille for a movie night matching the dish:-)

To start off our blog, we want to share a little anecdote about how we ended up cooking this particular dish: We decided to have a movie night at home and cooking Polenta with Ratatouille by the real Caffeamoreto watch Disney/Pixar’ s “Ratatouille”. Once this was settled, it was almost mandatory for us to cook Ratatouille, that tasty dish consisting of a mixture of mediterranean vegetables. To accompany the Ratatouille, there are a lot of options, but I like Polenta best. I think the two dishes compliment each other well. For those of you who don’ t know what Polenta is, let me try to explain: it is made of dried, ground corn and cooked like grains, for instance rice. I know trying something you’re not familiar with can be kind of a hurdle, but in this case it really IS worth it! So, here’ s what you need for Polenta with Ratatouille (for 2 people):

Polenta: 125 grams, 0.9 l water (depends on what kind of polenta you use. We recommend using a bit more water than indicated)


  • 1 oignon
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 aubergine
  • 1 sweet pepper (red or yellow)
  • 3 fresh tomatoes (pelati) or a can of pomodori pelati (800g)

Mind the description of the polenta for how much water you need. For the medium grain polenta we chose (it’ s with herbs, from Globus) we are advised to use 0.75l of water. I recommend to take a little more, so the polenta is viscid. WPolenta with Ratatouille by the real Caffeamoree used 0.9l, which turned out perfect. Heat up the water until it boils. Cut the aubergine into slices and put salt on each slice. After 2 minutes, the Aubergine will have released some of its water (and bitterness). Remove the water with a tissue and repeat the procedure on the other side. then cut the aubergine into cubes. Cut the other vegetables into cubes as well (except oignons). Cut the oignon into small pieces.

Put olive oil into a pot with a volume of at least 1.5l. After a minute, add the oignons. When they are glassy, add the other vegetables, tomatoes last. Cook on medium heat.

Add the polenta to the water after it has reached boiling point. Stir at least every minute for 20 mins. If you like, you can add some parmigiano or even Gorgonzola to the Polenta. A glass of red wine, for instance Chianti, is suitable for this meal. Enjoy!

What did you think? Do you have any suggestions as to how to improve this recipe? Please comment below.

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