Welcome to Mangiare, Amore!

Dear visitors of this blog, welcome!

Homemade Sushi by the real CaffeamoreWe are two people who like to cook, and teaching each other the recipes. We figured, since we want to keep the recipes and write them down so we can remember them, we might as well share them with all the food lovers out there that are interested in tasty dishes that are simple to cook, don’ t take a lot of time away and bring some change. We are from Switzerland, and our dishes are inspired by some of the traditional swiss dishes as well as those from the countries surrounding Switzerland, namely and mainly France and Italy. Who knows, we might also stray to farther countries for inspirations, for instance Japan, India, Thailand..there are no limits:-)

(want to know how we made the sushi and what exactly we put in there? come back soon to find out!)

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